Miscellaneous notes 2019

This document contains only my personal opinions and calls of judgement, and where any comment is made as to the quality of anybody's work, the comment is an opinion, in my judgement.

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These notes are opinions about miscellaneous (non-computing) topics, often brief informal reviews of products or shops or places ranging from canned food to pubs, and are just opinions.

190928 Sat: Teva Original and Sanborn sandals

TEVA make sporty (hiking, walking) sandals, and the legend is that they started with a simple one made with the sole of a slip flop and Velcro (also known as hook and look) strips. Their range has considerably expanded since, and I have been using for a while their Original and Sanborn models. They are both derivatives of that first model.

Having worn them for over a year they are the same advantages of most sandals:

There are only two downsides to sandals:

As to the shared characteristics of these two models:

They share only two common downsides:

Comparing the specific characteristics:

Overall I really like the Sanborn model, and I think that the Original is a bit too flimsy for regular street wear, and I use them instead of slippers.

I have read good reviews of another TEVA model the Hurricane, but I cannot see much difference wth the Sanborn, except that perhaps the sole of the Hurricane is more patterned and should have better grip, so perhaps I should have preferred them.

Since TEVA is the premium brand for sporty sandals I have looked at other cheaper but comparable options:

Of these I think I like most the Jack Wolfskin and Camel Crown models.

190921 Sat: Game download is 60GB

So I wanted to try on of the latest technology games, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and it turns out that he download is 60GB and on a 2MB/s line it takes over 8 hours. That is frankly crazy, but then I checked again and several games that I have take 15-25GB, the previous instalment of Wolfenstein take already 47GB, and DOOM 2016 takes 72GB. That I think is in part because the game developers of that line of games really like huge textures, but such huge sizes and long downloads considerably reduce access to the games: many would not even fit on a standard Blu-Ray disc which can take 25GB.

190510 Fri: Very good cellphone: Motorola One

So I have had for the past year a day-to-day cellphone, model Motorola One and I have been very pleased with it, it is very good. The major good points are, in order of ascending importance:

It has no defects that I can think of, just some quite minor limitations: