Miscellaneous notes 2018

This document contains only my personal opinions and calls of judgement, and where any comment is made as to the quality of anybody's work, the comment is an opinion, in my judgement.

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These notes are opinion about miscellaneous (non-computing) topics, often brief informal reviews of products or shops or places ranging from canned food to pubs.

180611 Mon: Amazingly good ice cream in Leicester

On a recent quick visit to Leicester it was lucky to find italian-style ice cream maker Gelato Village (1, 2).

The ice cream they make is amazingly good and clearly of very high standard, at the best levels achieved by some of the ice cream maker shops in italian towns. They make both excellent traditional flavours and very well judged interesting combinations of flavours. Very impressive.

180520 Sun: "Pesto" is not meant to be so sharp

So I was shopping for pesto and saw next to the usual not-quite-right but acceptable jar of SaclĂ  classic pesto one of Jamie Oliver's coriander and cashew pesto and decided to try it, even if it is pesto only in a very loose sense.

It is definitely not to my taste: it is too sharply flavoured (the coriander), while pesto works well with pasta because it is instead tasty in a smooth way, thanks to the blend of basil, oil and crushed pine seeds, all of which are fairly mild. Perhaps my aversion is also colored by having suffered from loose bowels after eating it, as mine are sensitive to sharp flavour and hot tasting food.