Notes about The Matrix

Updated: 2005-01-12
Created: 2003-12-02

The Matrix is a complex story with several aims; it seems at the same time a good story to tell, a visually engaging epic plus love story designed to sell well, a vehicle for advanced philosophical concepts, a divertissement of the authors, a puzzle to make people think, and much more.

The sell well aspect sometimes dominates; for example it seems pretty obvious that it was supposed to have two parts only, but the second part was split in two, leaving in a lot of otherwise redundant special effects footage, simply to get people to buy three tickets instead of two. Probably the second half of the story would feel as tight and exciting as the first if it was edited down to a single instalment.

As to to the messages, the authors have declared that few details in the various movies are unintentional, but I think that this does not mean they have to be thoroughly consistent. Many parts of the story are unexplained, and several parts are overloaded with possible interpretations. This is fine, it's story telling, and not a philosophical treatise.