cxacru package rewrite (not) in progress

This is a rewrite (not) in progress of the cxacru driver for Conexant based ADSL modems for USB.

I have started rewriting the cxacru package because it seemed appallingly written to me.

What you will find here is completely new documentation, as man pages, a largely rewritten user level initialization and configuration utility, and the original sources for the configuration utility and the kernel module.

My intention was to rewrite the driver for the 2.4.x kernel too, but I feel queasy every time I have too look at it, so this is has not happened yet; besides while not being too nice to look at, it is derived from the speedtch kernel module which means it is a lot better than the user level utility, and the (lack of) documentation.

A brave person has adapted the speedtch module to work with (some) Conexant chipset modems, and you might want to have a look at that instead.

Finally the speedtch project has created a completely new (and much better written) cxacru driver which is from version 2.6.13 a standard part of the mainline kernel.

Also both the ATM and USB subsystems in the Linux kernel seem to me rather unstable both as to API and reliability, and I feel that fighting them is another burden, also because they are relatively less used, and Linux QA works by the Chinese army approach.

The maintainer of the speedtch driver has defined a couple of mailing lists about the usbatm project which includes maintenance of the cxacru driver, and even if sparse there is useful information there.

I have switched to an Ethernet based ADSL gateway router anyhow, even if it is far less flexible than a direct connection via modem, because it involves a lot less hassle. The Ethernet and IP subsystems in the Linux kernel are used by very many people, are reliable, and well understood...

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