Linux X11 and NVIDIA sample configuration files

Copyleft and disclaimer of warranty

These files are accompanied by some notes.

They use the XFree86 naming convention, but are almost completely compatible with 6.8.

They need a few changes for 7.0, mostly changing the prefix for most paths from /usr/X11R6 to /usr.

Icon  Name                             Last modified      Size  Description
[DIR] Parent Directory - [   ] XF86Config_3head 15-Jul-2013 22:29 3.8K Sample 3 screen configuration [   ] XF86Config_CRT+TV 27-Sep-2005 19:38 2.2K 2 screens, CRT/LCD plus TV [   ] XF86Config_LG 27-Sep-2005 19:38 1.5K [   ] XF86Config_dual 15-Jul-2013 22:29 2.6K 2 screens [   ] XF86Config_nv 15-Jul-2013 22:29 2.6K vanilla 'nv' driver config [TXT] font_DejaVu-2.5_ttf.alias 26-Apr-2015 15:15 5.6K DejaVu fixes [TXT] font_pcf_85dpi.alias 26-Apr-2015 15:16 57K font aliases for 85DPI [TXT] font_pcf_85dpi_10pt.alias 26-Apr-2015 15:16 6.1K font aliases for 85DPI, 10pt [   ] fs_config 09-Jul-2004 00:36 1.5K '/etc/X11/fs/config' [TXT] modelinesForLCDs 26-Apr-2015 15:13 1.6K Modelines for odd shape LCDs [TXT] xorg.conf 26-Apr-2015 15:14 2.0K [TXT] xorg_dual.conf 26-Apr-2015 15:14 7.9K dual CRTs [TXT] xorg_dual_either.conf 26-Apr-2015 15:14 5.2K dual LCDs in two ways [TXT] xorg_sabi.conf 26-Apr-2015 15:14 44K my home config, historical